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Why Conexx?

Sarjakuva - nopea tarjous


We have the most progressive planning and project management tool unique to the market. We are able to provide you a project plan and price quote in real-time including, the latest up-to-date pricing and product information. Our rapid planning schedule saves you considerable amounts of time and money.


Our buildings do not come in standard sizes, but they are always tailored to meet our customers’ needs. Already in the planning stage you are able specify your individual needs and wants. Based on these specifications we will design exactly the building you want. Due to our clear and open price quotations, you can easily compare different alternatives and their effect on the total cost. In conclusion, our pricing is fully transparent which ensures that you know exactly what you are paying for.


Our innovative planning process allows us to schedule all material deliveries accurately, each and every component. We also take responsibility for ensuring the compatibility and suitability of all building components. This in turn removes a large portion of timetable and financial risk from the customer.

We also schedule our material deliveries with such care that the different components arrive at the site in the correct construction sequence. This ensures that our projects are always on schedule. In conclusion, we provide our customers with an exact delivery and construction schedule, that we commit to by signing a penalty for delay agreement.


Already since 1957 Conexx has delivered steel structural buildings all over Europe. Our buildings have been thoroughly researched and tested, and they are safe. Since we operate all over Europe we have to have both technical and professional expertise as well as, knowledge and understanding of country-specific and cultural differences. Knowledge of different country-specific classifications, working practices, production and construction methods as well as, climate conditions are some of our strengths.


Efficient planning and design, optimized production- and delivery process as well as, cost-based pricing ensures that over- pricing created by the market are removed. In addition, the pure scope of our building package and the compatibility of components in it, due to coming from one source, ensure that building is more cost effective. Often price quotes offered by vendors are very reasonable at the tendering stage, but too often we hear that as the projects progresses, so do the costs. At Conexx however, there are no hidden cost due to the scope of the building package and our efficiency.